Hightail Studios is jewelry and stained glass business in Baltimore, Maryland and owned by Nina Scala and Brian Tetreault. As a metalsmith, Nina's work is influenced by the industrial maritime landscape.  She often employs colored glass from Brian's stained glass workshop to highlight her minimalist designs.  Brian loves creating one-of-a-kind stained glass panels from photographs and his vivid imagination. 

What's Up with the Squirrel?

Well it's a long story. Of course squirrels are bent on world domination and we want to get on their good side.  But they are also industrious and adaptable, thriving in urban and rural environments.  There is a 16th century woodcut that depicts a squirrel on a raft using its tail as a sail.  Accompanying that image is the Latin phrase "vincit solertia vires" which translates to inventiveness surpasses strength.  We feel this image and sentiment embody our story and ethic.  We considered the Latin word for squirrel "sciurus" and its literal English translation "shadow tail" as business names, but neither seemed quite right.  We doodled various images of squirrels for our logo, and decided on a squirrel in motion with his tail held high as he scurries along - hence "Hightail".